Air Wolf

The Air Wolf MCT... the ultimate in high-tech hunting air rifles that features the very latest in on-board refinements to make it easier than ever to achieve great shooting results.

This latest version of Daystate’s highly popular hunting and Hunter Field Target competition rifle now contains significant upgrades on former Air Wolf models. It includes Daystate’s patented Map Compensated Technology as well as a new LCD information screen to keep you informed on the exact status of your rifle. Battery power for the electrical system is delivered courtesy of a Ni-MH (Nickel-metal Hydride) rechargeable battery that provides enough power for thousands of shots. (Battery charger supplied.) Internally, the Air Wolf MCT now features a new Harper Patent valve system for increased efficiency as well as a market-leading shot capacity. This also provides the potential for high power if required.
Combined with the full length, sound-moderating barrel shroud, the patented electronic system makes the Air Wolf MCT a near-silent rifle to shoot in the field. Supplied as standard in Carbine length - complete with a threaded adaptor to suit Daystate’s Airstream IV carbon fibre Reflex silencer - the Air Wolf is also available in a full-length Rifle model, as well as a high-power version.
The ambidextrous thumbhole stock fitted to the Air Wolf is made in Italy by world renowned stockmaker, Minelli, and incorporates only the finest, selected Turkish walnut.
Also available in some countries is the Air Wolf MVT model (full length only). This features an on-board chronoscope and is programmed to allow the shooter to dial in the exact velocity required (upwards from 500 feet per second), adding another dimension of adjustability when required.


Air Wolf
Air Wolf MCT
Reproduced with permission of Airgun World Magazine
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"The new Daystate Air Wolf MCT is a supergun amongst superguns. There isn't a more technically advanced air rifle on the market today? and I'd say there isn't an air rifle that shoots anything like it, too."

Nigel Allen - Air Gunner Magazine.


Air Wolf MVT

Technically the most advanced air rifle ever built. The Air Wolf MVT contains a new cutting edge technology to create a superb hunting package.

MVT rifles contain an onboard chronograph as well as electronic sensors to increase shot count and to remove any variation.With MVT the shooter simply dials in the required velocity from 500 feet per second up to the set maximum.

The onboard LCD screen displays pressure, velocity, shot counter, magazine counter as well as remaining air pressure.

Air Wolf

The super efficient CDT system combined with a 400 or 500cc bottle results in a huge shot capacity, and if required, potential for higher power.

The full-length silencer combined with our electronic system makes this rifle almost completely silent

Technical Specification
Air Wolf MCT
Air Wolf MVT
Overall Length 103 cm (40.5 inches) 103 cm (40.5 inches)
Barrel Length 43 cm (17 inches) 43 cm (17 inches)
Barrel Length (High Power) 43 cm (17 inches) up to 40 ft/lbs. 43 cm (17 inches) up to 40 ft/lbs.
Calibres .177, .22 .177, .22
Weight with  400 cc bottle

3.7 kg (8.1 lbs)

3.7 kg (8.1 lbs)

Safety Electronic, manual; re-setable, with key-switch isolator Electronic, manual; re-setable, with key-switch isolator
Action Finish Matt Matt
Air Cylinder Capacity 400 cc or 500 cc non-removable bottle 400 cc or 500 cc non-removable bottle
Performance @ 12 ft lbs
.177 cal        400 cc bottle   210 shots 350 shots
.177 cal        500 cc bottle   320 shots 450 shots
.22 cal        400 cc bottle    320 shots 500 shots
.22 cal        500 cc bottle     460 shots 750 shots
Performance @ FAC Level
Cal / Cylinder / Barrel Power / Shots / Velocity  
.177 / 500cc / Std 18FP / 120 / 970  
.20 / 500cc / Std 25FP / 120 / 920  
.22 / 500cc / Std 30FP / 100 / 785  
.22 / 500cc / Std 40FP / 60 / 900