Airstream MK5 Siencer  //  Reflex Carbon Silencer

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The Airstream MK5 Silencer

NEW Reflex carbon silencer from Daystate.

Daystate have launched an updated version of their lightweight Airstream reflex silencer. The Mk 5 version is shorter and lighter than the Mk 4 version which it replaces.

Unlike most silencers that screw onto the end of the muzzle and increase the length of the rifle, the new Daystate silencer is a reflex type, that is half the length of the silencer slips backwards over the muzzle of the rifle’s existing full length moderator and attaches internally in the middle of its length. The air escaping from the muzzle is then defused towards the back of the silencer while any air still travelling forward behind the pellet travels over a series of baffles.

The result, is a silencer that only protrudes 3 inches from the muzzle but gives a full-sized silencer effect. As the muzzle screws directly into the baffle that is machined from solid aluminium, and the distance to the end of the silencer is much shorter, tolerances can be much tighter. Daystate say that this completely removes the chance of misalignment and a pellet ‘clipping’ the end of the silencer. The outer body of the silencer is attractive and lightweight carbon fibre tube

There are two versions to fit all current Daystate models as well as a third version made for other manufacturer’s rifles and older Daystate rifles. This third version of the silencer simply screws onto the end of the muzzle in the usual way

Priced at the same price as the Mk4 silencer at £55.00 The Mk5 silencer will be in your local Daystate shop soon


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