Battery unit

A maintenance-free rechargeable battery is fitted, identifiable by a charging socket at the rear of the trigger guard. The unit should be recharged at least every 3-5,000 shots or when the red display light flashes and clicks to indicate 'low battery'.

The unit has integral nickel-metal-hydride batteries, which have a minimum life of at least 1000 charging cycles.

The batteries give approximately 5000 shots at the UK muzzle energy limit. The on-board charging circuit is current limited and can be left on indefinitely with a charging time of typically 14 hours, the batteries can be 'topped-up' at any time without degrading the batteries' capacity.

Before charging, the safety switch should be in the safe position. When the power adaptor is plugged in the gun's LED light will flash every second to indicate charging. The light will continue to blink once every two seconds as long as the batteries are on charge.

As batteries lose a little power while in storage, we advise that the rifle be fully charged before its first use and then recharged every month or two, even if the rifle has not been used.

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